Will my Friends and Family Find out if I File for Bankruptcy in Florida?

A popular question that I receive is whether or not friends and family members will know if you have filed for bankruptcy.  Most likely the answer to that question is no, your friends and family members will not know that you have filed for bankruptcy in Florida.  The filing of a bankruptcy is public information however unless someone is specifically looking for it they will not find it.  There are however instances where friends or family members will know that you have filed for bankruptcy.  A few examples are as follows:

Joint Liability: Sometimes when people get credit cards they have a co-signer or a person who guarantees the debt.  If you had a friend or a family member guarantee a certain credit card then they must be given notification of your bankruptcy filing in Florida.  Once you have filed for bankruptcy and discharged the debt then the family member or friend who co-signed with you, will be responsible for the debt.

Listed Creditors:  If you owe a family member or a friend money and list them on your bankruptcy, to discharge the debt, then they will be notified of your bankruptcy filing.

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